Our company was started in 1978 by Mr. Anand Kumar Gupta. This brand was started in 1986.

We source saunf directly from apmc and agro markets. we clean this in our latest machinery hygenically and add natural flavours and fragrances to deliver an extra ordinary taste to our customers. and packed in fully automatic machines.

Some Facts About Saunf (Fennel)

Saunf-Fennel Seeds is known as Sounff or Variyali in India. Fennel Seeds which grows well in mild climates, is an oval, green or yellowish brown dried aromatic ripe fruit of an herbaceous plant called Foeniculum Vulgare, a member of Parsley family. Obtained from an aromatic and medicinal plant, the seeds emit a pleasant odor, are highly aromatic and have a pungent flavor. Fennel is widely used Asian, European, Italian and Mediterranean dishes. In India fennel is widely used in meat and seafood dishes and also with pickles and vinegar for a special flavor. Fennel Seeds in raw or in roasted form is widely used in India as a mouth freshener especially after suppers.Fennel seeds are highly aromatic spices that are used for various domestic as well as medicinal applications. These sweet smelling organic fennel seeds spices leave very pleasant and long lasting flavor in the mouth and hence they are also used as mouth freshener. The whole fennel seeds we make available in the market are procured from the natural sources and are absolutely free from any impurities.They are also remarkable for their high nutrition value. Our fennel seeds have very high demand in the industries like food processing and medicines.

Scented saunf is a natural mouth freshener which is usually taken after the meal to freshen the mouth as well as breath. Apart from this, mouth freshener is being used as a digestive aid. When you chew mouth freshener, it releases the saliva, which is helpful in digesting the food. Say goodbye to bad breath with Natural Mouth Freshener.

Fennel (Saunf) is used in a variety of food recipes. From water retention to maintaining normal blood pressure, Fennel (Saunf) is loaded with an array of nutrients that make it a staple in your kitchen. It is a great source of antioxidants and gives a cooling effect on the body. Primarily useful for treating bloating and constipation, these seeds can do wonders for your eye health too.